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Shane Young – Founder

Mr. Young is a Principal at TriFluence,  a premier boutique government relations firms with partnerships in the Washington, Dublin and London Marketplaces. Previously, he was Legislative Director at CBIZ Kessler (NYSE-CBZ) developing into a frontline lobbyist representing a broad range of clients including some of the most topical and influential policy directions of recent times in the United States. These include the largest offshore wind energy development in the Untied States alongside foreign ownership and corporate citizenship issues within the U.S. marketplace. He specializes in integrating specific marketplace changes within the international context and vice versa. This is a holistic approach to policy and business drivers – his priority is to tailor these shifts into a client’s objectives, strategy, and tactical deployment before they are in the public arena.

Making Ireland’s relationship with the United States a priority of his career, in 2003 he designed, directed and deployed an international program and a cross-functional U.S.-Irish—Northern Ireland team including political, executive, and diplomatic actors in Ireland. This integrated approach brought together the highest level of policy makers and industry leaders from Ireland with the highest level of Congressional representation, Washington based government relations executives and leaders of the US diplomatic corps in Ireland. This commitment to an international approach has allowed the Ripon Society, one of Washington’s foremost public policy discussion forums, an introduction with many prominent EU and UK stakeholders.

Graduating from the University of Aberdeen, Scotland with an MA (Hons) in Politics and International Relations, he is currently completing his MBA with Henley Management College, England. A native of Dublin, Ireland, he currently resides on Capitol Hill, Washington DC.


Michael Flood – Co-Founder

Mr. Flood is Senior Vice President and Manager of the Washington, DC office of a premier New England lobby and communications firm. Mr. Flood assists national clients navigate the complex corridors of the federal government by developing and executing targeted legislative solutions that assist clients attain their business objectives. Mr. Flood previously held senior positions with a top tier, Fortune 100 company supporting all aspects of the U.S. federal government and U.S. military. This confluence of legislative experience and business acumen gives Mr. Flood the unique ability to strategically introduce proactive, government focused solutions in support of client business strategies; matter-specific or enterprise-wide.
With more than 15 years of Washington experience, Mr. Flood has been intricately involved in domestic and international business opportunities achieving billions in revenue. These business opportunities include renewable energy, defense contracting, U.S. financial services, transportation, secured and unsecured communications, identity theft, homeland security, insurance and reinsurance, and R&D. Mr. Flood's focuses on integrating legislative and business strategies for domestic and international clients to create new business opportunities or enhance existing lines of business.


The Honorable Billy Lee Evans – Chairman Congressional Advisory Board

Member of Congress (Retired)

A native of Georgia, Mr. Evans served six years in the U.S. House of Representatives representing Georgia’s Eighth District. Prior to his service in Congress, Evans headed his own law firm and was highly successful as a trial attorney.  The skills and values that he acquired helped him to appreciate the problems of small businesses faced with governmental red tape and made him a skillful advocator for the private sector.

While in Congress, Evans was a co-founder of the conservative Democratic Forum, which was instrumental in the successes of the Reagan Legislative Agenda in 1981 and 1982.  A fiscal conservative, Evans served on the executive committee of the Democrats for the Re-election of Reagan-Bush in 1984.

Since leaving Congress, Evans has maintained his association with a majority of the Representatives and Senators on both sides of the aisle and now enjoys having some of his closest friends chairing major committees.  Because of his concern for the best interest of the Member, Evans is trusted and respected by the Members and is always able to secure a fair consideration of his clients’ point of view.

Although concentrating on the Banking, Ways and Means, and Energy and Commerce Committees, Evans, nevertheless, is equally adroit at handling matters before all other House and Senate committees. An astute legislative tactician, Evans believes that his clients are usually best served by a well-reasoned, low-key approach in disseminating his clients’ message to the appropriate Members and their staff.


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