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Washington DC Ireland Trade Commerce Group

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EIRCHAMBER - was founded in early 2009. Building on the existing goodwill between the United States and the island of Ireland - our goal is to build from this discussion, shaping and representing     the NEW NARRATIVE that today reflects the     PARTNERSHIPS & 21st Century Exchanges      between Ireland and the United States.

The recent upward shifts in Ireland’s investments into the United States, alongside the changes within international commercial, political  and policy sectors showcase the need for Ireland’s and America’s stakeholders to work ever more closely.







Likewise, they demonstrate the impact policy and regulation have on stakeholder opportunities. EIRCHAMBER continues building one of the most comprehensive networks and proactive platforms for our Partners and Membership to meet their individual goals and objectives. Working with our bipartisan Congressional advisors,  EIRCHAMBER takes a welcomed and unique place in the policy discussion for Irish and U.S. stakeholders in representing their mutual and individual business interests in Washington.

Bringing together Business Development, Government Relations, Public Affairs and Policy Expertise  alongside our Congressional Advisors, including  former  Members of Congress and Senior Congressional Staff. We welcome the opportunity to move forward together. 













EIRCHAMBER will continue to network and engage with Congressional and Federal representatives, providing the most relevant and accurate reporting for our Membership. Working closely with our   Members, Partners, supporting stakeholders and colleagues we are well positioned to include your voice in the New 21st Century Dialogues for Irish and U.S. Organizations in the Washington .DC dialogue.

 As we deploy into the year  we will be hosting a number of networking events allowing our Membership and Partners opportunities to expand their Washington DC footprint and platforms for future expansion and development.

Working closely with our supporting Congressional and Washington DC partner professionals and   colleagues we are well positioned in the intersection of policy, political and the commercial sectors. It is in this intra-exchange that an organizations’ positioning is most impacted and influenced.

In sharing this unique interface,  EIRCHAMBER provides  high level networking fora,  enabling    strategic programs  for  individual organizations’ future policy, networking and business development platforms.

For more information please email us at:  eirchamber@eirchamber.com