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Washington DC Ireland Trade Commerce Group

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The Washington DC Ireland Chamber of Commerce (EIRCHAMBER) was formally established on the 1st of January 2009. Members represent a cross-section of companies, business people and entrepreneurs from Ireland, the U.S. and other countries. The Chamber works for its Members through a variety of regular activities and works closely with the Embassy of Ireland and other Ireland-related institutions.


EIRCHAMBER carries out its mandate in a variety of ways including:

· Organizing speaker events, seminars and networking events in Washington DC and elsewhere.

· Lobbying in support of enhanced Ireland-United States policy, business and trade.

· Providing a forum in which to raise issues of interest to the American-Ireland business community.

· Publishing THE INSIDE CONNECTION - A weekly digest and analysis of the latest Policy discussions, trends and changes from Washington DC and how they will affect your business development opportunities both in Ireland and the U.S.









EIRCHAMBER is a 501(c)(6) not-for-profit organization managed by its Members through a Board of Directors chaired by the Chamber’s Founder, Shane Young. The Chamber has a number of sectoral committees which are chaired by a member of the Board of Directors. All membership funds are used for the operation of the Chamber.


The Chamber welcomes applications for membership from any company or individual with an interest in the American-Ireland business relationship. Membership is available in the following categories: Corporate, Professional, Associate and Student. EIRCHAMBER also has a number of Platinum Partners who provide extra financial support to the work of the Chamber.


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Why the Chamber is relevant:


EIRCHAMBER - the Washington DC Ireland Chamber was launched in early 2009. EIRCHAMBER could not have chosen a better time to enter into the Washington and U.S. framework. The recent shifts in international commerce showcase both the need for Ireland’s and America’s stakeholders to work ever more closely, but likewise, they demonstrate the impact policy and regulation have on stakeholder opportunities. Sharing a unique space at the interface of business and policy arenas allows the EIRCHAMBER to provide a high level networking forum for future Irish and American business development discussion, incubation and deployment.


What we do:


We are dedicated to providing a range of business services to both our Membership and stakeholders sharing commercial, academic and cultural interests in the island of Ireland and the United States. Alongside providing regular meeting space for networking and tailored events, EIRCHAMBER offers the competitive advantages of our networks and location at the intersection of policy, politics and business market segments. This is a hugely exciting period in the Ireland-United States relationship and we are committed to the expanding and strengthening our deep-rooted relationships.


Our supporters:


Listening to our bipartisan Congressional advisors, the Embassy of Ireland and our corporate colleagues it is very clear that Irish and U.S. stakeholders need an organization that can represent their mutual and unique business interests in Washington. It is in this space that EIRCHAMBER will provide real value to our Membership. Our organization will continue to draw on Congressional and Federal guidance, alongside including working closely with the Embassy of Ireland and the Northern Ireland Bureau, providing the most relevant and accurate reporting for our Membership. Working closely with our supporting stakeholders and colleagues we are well positioned to add your voice to the discussions here in Washington.


Our experience in guiding corporations through the halls of Washington allows us to offer the EIRCHAMBER Membership a full range of legislative and corporate affairs services. Alongside our policy and regulatory platforms, we will also provide the strategic and tactical frameworks for business development with stakeholders on both sides of the Atlantic.


Our People:


Shane Young

Michael Flood

Hilary McMahon

Mark Walsh

Hon. Billy Lee Evans – Member of Congress (Retired).

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